Workers’ Compensation and Safe / Healthy Work Environment

BB Landscaping (the “Company”) is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. However, in those cases where workplace injury or illness occurs, the Company provides a procedure to ensure that the employee receives prompt and proper treatment and to prevent similar injuries or illnesses from recurring.
This policy applies to all employees on the Company payroll. The policy does not include contractors, consultants or temps.
If an employee has an accident or sustains an injury or illness while at work, the following procedures should be followed (as well as supplementary local procedures):
1. Getting treatment
Depending on the severity of the accident, injury or illness, the employee may obtain treatment from an outside medical facility or hospital or emergency personnel (911) will be called to the worksite.
2. Reporting the injury or illness
All work-related injuries or illnesses must be reported by either the injured employee or the employee's supervisor and the Owner, as required by law and according to local procedure. A delay in reporting work-related injuries and illnesses can jeopardize the employee's eligibility to receive Workers' Compensation benefits.  The Owner will track any instances of work-related injury or illness.
3. Investigating the accident and taking corrective action to prevent recurrence
Accidents must be investigated by management to determine what corrective actions are needed to prevent recurrence, who is responsible for completing those actions, and when the actions will be completed. When an employee is injured on the job or contracts a work-related illness, he or she is eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits, which pay any incurred medical costs and partial disability salary if work time is lost. Waiting periods and benefits, requirements and procedures vary by state. The Company complies with all federal and state laws and procedures with regard to Workers' Compensation.  The Company's Workers' Compensation carrier will advise the Company of the employee's return date and whether accommodation is required.
An employee who is paid more than his or her regular salary due to retroactive Workers'
Compensation benefits is required to repay the Company. Workers' Compensation benefits cease if an employee works for compensation during his or her absence due to a work-related illness or injury.
Note:  Any “near-misses” must also be reported to the employee’s supervisor and the Owner.  These will be evaluated (root cause, potential impact, etc) and discussed with the entire employee population to ensure that such “near misses” would not occur in the future.
• Promptly reports all work-related illnesses and injuries.
• Seeks treatment at a Company-designated medical facility if directed to do so.
• Ensures that injured employees receive proper treatment.
• Promptly reports all work-related injuries according to local procedure.
• Investigates all accidents and “near-misses” and takes action to prevent similar accidents from recurring.
• Lets employees know that participation in the Company's social and recreation activities is strictly voluntary and, as such, the Company is not responsible for injuries resulting from such activities if in accordance with applicable state laws.
The Owner:
• Report local Workers' Compensation claims.
• See local procedure for reporting, recording and investigating work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses – and review and manage all claims.

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