Time & Attendance Policy

It is important to the successful operation of the business that employees are at work each scheduled workday. Each employee is performing an important set of tasks or activities. Excessive and/or avoidable absenteeism places an unfair burden on co-workers and increases the Company's costs of doing business by disrupting work schedules, creating inefficiency, delays, costly overtime and customer dissatisfaction.

This Policy applies to all employees.


Unexcused Absence
Any time off from work that is not approved in advance by the employee's supervisor / the Owner or not covered by an approved leave of absence such as medical leave, etc.
Arrival to work / job site after scheduled start time without prior approval or notice or departure from work station prior to end of scheduled work period without prior approval or notice.

Regular, dependable, timely and consistent attendance is an essential function of work at BB Landscaping. Supervisors will establish normal work schedules for all employees. From time to time, business operations may require some employees to work overtime. Nonexempt employees who work more than 40 hours in a given workweek will be paid a minimum of time and a half for all hours over 40 worked that workweek, or where required by law, for all hours over 8 worked in a day. Each employee is responsible for accurately tracking and recording his or her time.
An employee who is absent from work for three or more consecutive workdays without notification is considered to have voluntarily resigned. Resignation is effective at the end of the third working day of absence.
Scheduled time off, approved time off, and time off under Company policies when scheduled in compliance with local requirements or as provided by law will not be considered toward excessive absenteeism.

Notification of Absence

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