Termination Policy

The Company is an “at will” employer. Employment is terminable for any lawful reason, with or without cause or prior notice, at the discretion of either the employee or the Company.
This policy applies to all full-time and part-time employees.
Voluntary Termination
A termination initiated by the employee for any reason, including resignation, retirement, job abandonment (failure to notify the Company of absence for three or more consecutive workdays), or walking off the job without permission or proper notification.
Involuntary Termination
A termination initiated by the Company, including discharge and reduction in force.
An involuntary termination due to a violation of policy, misconduct, unsatisfactory performance, or any other reason deemed by the Company, in its sole discretion.
Reduction in Force
An involuntary termination due to a workforce reduction, job elimination, reorganization, facility closure, redistribution of responsibilities, job relocation, or any other business reason.
Voluntary Termination
An employee who resigns or retires is expected to:
• As a courtesy, BB Landscaping requests that employees provide a minimum of two weeks' notice.
• Provide a written and signed notice of resignation to the manager.
• Turn in all Company property and materials to the manager or other designee specified by the manager.
If an employee quits without notice or fails to report to work for three consecutive working days without notifying the manager, such that the normal termination procedure cannot be followed, the manager must notify the Owner immediately.
The Company may, in certain circumstances, choose to terminate immediately an employee who has given notice of resignation. This situation might occur if the employee plans to begin employment with a direct competitor or if the employee's continued presence is not in the best interests of the Company. The Owner should be consulted before discussing any such action with an employee.
Involuntary Termination
1. Discharge
A discharge must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate manager, before any
final action is taken. Depending on the situation, e.g. unsatisfactory performance, violation of policy or minor misconduct, an employee may be given a written warning prior to discharge. With the prior approval of the Owner, an employee may be discharged without prior warning if the Company reasonably believes he or she committed a major infraction or incident of gross misconduct. Examples of gross misconduct include, but are not limited to the following:
• Possession, use, sale, or solicitation of controlled substances on Company property.
• Possession of firearms or other weapons on Company property.
• Violent behavior or threats of violence.
• Lewd, abusive, or offensive conduct.
• Gross Insubordination.
• Falsifying Company records, including time records and expense reports.
• Harassment of any kind.
• Unauthorized disclosure of Company proprietary information.
• Operating a Company-owned vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or an illegal substance, or operating such a vehicle in a dangerous manner.
• Theft of Company property.
• Any other activity deemed by the Company to be of a serious nature and contrary to the best interests of the Company.
2. Reduction in Force
The Company may need to terminate an employee as a consequence of reorganization, job elimination, redistribution of responsibilities, job location, or other business reasons.
Employees affected by reduction in force may be for certain employee benefits as required by applicable law and/or policy. The last date of active employment will be considered the official termination date. The Owner collects any Company property in the employee's possession (Company credit cards, equipment, etc.), before final termination.
• As a courtesy, provide a minimum of two weeks' notice of resignation.
• Provide a written resignation letter.
• Turn in Company property before terminating.
Managers / Supervisors:
• Obtain the approval of the Owner before discharging an employee.
• Notify Human Resources when an employee quits without notice or is absent for three
days without notice.
• Ensure employees turn in Company property before terminating.

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