Standards of Conduct Policy

Certain rules and regulations are necessary not only for efficient business operations but also to provide a safe, comfortable and professional work environment for all. To promote these goals, the Company expects all employees to conduct themselves in a manner that does not interfere with operational objectives, does not discredit BB Landscaping, and is not offensive or harassing to co-workers, customers or other individuals.

Unless prohibited by law or otherwise, this Policy applies to all BB Landscaping employees.



Employees are expected, among other things, to:
·        Treat co-workers, vendors, visitors and others with respect and courtesy;
·        Refrain from behavior or language that may be considered offensive or harassing;
·        Wear clothing appropriate for the work being performed;
·        Comply with all Company policies; and
·        Maintain a clean and safe work area at all times.

Any violation of Company policy or reports of conduct that may be inappropriate will be investigated, and, if warranted, may result in appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Violations of this or any other Company policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination, depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. Some common examples of behavior or conduct that may be considered inappropriate under this Policy are listed below. This list cannot include every conceivable potential Policy violation, and is not intended to be all-inclusive. Therefore, employees should know that conduct not listed below but which adversely affects, or is detrimental to the Company, its customers or other employees will also be considered a violation of this Policy, and can result in disciplinary action. Furthermore, nothing in this Policy should be construed as a promise of specific treatment in any given situation, nor does it alter in any way the at-will relationship between the Company and the employee. The Company retains the discretion to evaluate a situation based on the facts and circumstances and to advance to a more serious disciplinary action, including immediate termination of employment, if the Company deems such action warranted.

If disciplinary action is warranted, the Owner will be consulted. The discipline may include temporary suspension. In situations involving job performance issues also, the employee may be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan in addition to any disciplinary action that may be taken.
Except when immediate action is required, all violations and disciplinary actions should be reported to and reviewed by the Owner prior to taking any disciplinary actions. In all situations, the Owner must be informed as soon as possible after action is taken and before documentation is completed.

Extremely Serious Violations
The following types of misconduct will be considered extremely serious and may result in immediate discharge:
1.    Deliberate damage, sabotage, theft, or misuse of Company property, or the property of others.
2.    Taking, diverting, receiving or possessing, fraudulently, without authorization, goods, materials, equipment, funds (including personal procurement card charges) or other property belonging to the Company, another employee, a contractor, a vendor, a customer or another individual.
3.    Any form of fighting, violence, or other disorderly conduct including the use of threatening language, which endangers the safety of a person or property.
4.    Unauthorized use or possession of firearms, live ammunition, explosives, or other weapons on Company or associated Company premises.
5.    Indecent conduct including any and all acts of harassment, posting, possessing or distributing material that may be considered offensive (including access of inappropriate material via computer).
6.    Misrepresentation and/or falsification of records, reports or other documents.
7.    Engaging in any form of willful or deliberate fraudulent activities and/or attempting to cover up or conceal a fraudulent act.
8.    Any conflicting interest (financial or other, direct or indirect) which may affect or might reasonably be thought to affect an employee's ability to make sound judgment and decisions in the interest of the Company.
9.    Insubordination including failure to carry out instructions or assignments consistent with position requirements.
10. Noncompliance with the Company's Drug and Alcohol Policy.
11. Failure to report three (3) consecutive absences to your supervisor or the Owner.
12. Any involvement in criminal or illegal activities on Company or associated Company premises.
13. Concealing, or knowingly permitting to conceal, defective work that might hamper production.
14. Sleeping during working hours.
15. Bribery or corruption.  Bribery is the practice of offering something (money, gifts, hospitality, or services) in return for or in expectation of more favorable treatment.  While nominal or token gifts (less than a value of $50 are acceptable such as a promotional t-shirt, etc. can be given), cash can never be given.  The owner should be contacted before any items are offered to a customer or potential customer which could potentially meet the definition of a bribe.
Very Serious Violations

Each of the following types of misconduct by an employee will be considered very serious and will result in discipline up to and including termination:
1.    Careless waste or abuse of Company materials and resources.
2.    Violation of established safety standards, including failure to use or wear required personal protective equipment.
3.    Defacing Company or associated Company property.

Serious Violations
The following types of misconduct by an employee will be considered a serious offense, and will result in discipline up to and including termination:
1.    Failure to properly report a work-related injury on the day it occurs.
2.    Smoking in prohibited areas.
3.    Excessive absence, absence without justifiable cause, or habitual tardiness.
4.    Consistent unsatisfactory job performance or inability to meet minimum position requirements.
5.    Improper operation of Company vehicles.
Conduct off the Company Premises

Criminal conduct outside Company or associated Company premises that has the potential for creating a negative image of the Company or having a negative effect on employees or the surrounding community, may result in discharge or discipline, depending upon the particular circumstances.

Violation of this Policy will subject the individual to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination.


·        Comply with the Company's established policies, procedures and standards of conduct.
·        Counsel those employees who do not comply with the Company's established standards of conduct and take corrective action as appropriate.
·        Discipline employees who violate company policies and procedures.
·        Obtain the approval of the next level of management and Human Resources before discharging an employee.
The Owner:
·        Work directly with the employee and his/her manager to ensure that the appropriate action is carried out in accordance with the nature and severity of the violation.

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